Are evan lysacek and tanith belbin still dating

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Said Belbin: "Our coaches said, 'Trust us, you need this.We can't just cover up your weaknesses with choreography any more.It's not unusual for skaters to make coaching changes, especially after disappointing performances at competitions, but for a team like Belbin and Agosto, which has been a fixture in Detroit, news of the move was striking.Those fans who believe that Belbin and Agosto had been contemplating this move long before then should talk to Agosto's landlord.And they did so in a sport in which judging shenanigans had been routine and teams rarely moved up in the international standings.

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"I think Skate America will give us credibility."Belbin and Agosto had trained in suburban Detroit for 10 years, starting back when they were competing at the junior level.

That was a wake-up call."Ultimately, after exploring their few available coaching opportunities in the United States -- there are only a handful of elite ice dancing coaches in America -- they wound up teaming with Linichuk and Karponosov.

The former champions who later married and started coaching in the United States are best known for having guided Oksana Grishuk and Evgeny Platov to Olympic gold in 19.

There were new and young teams that were all new to everyone and we had been together for so long.

We needed to move to feel young again."And if we were going to move, this year was the deadline."That's because the 2009 World Championships will be held on U. soil in Los Angeles and the Olympics are just around the corner in 2010 in Vancouver."We haven't had the top spot and that's what we've wanted," Belbin said. I just hope to do it sooner rather than later."Making things more difficult was the fact that they were home from the world championships in Sweden for just one day before they had to begin performing with the Smucker's Stars on Ice tour.

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