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Featuring Bonanza Jellybean and the smooth-riding cowgirls of Rubber Rose Ranch. Julian, Mohawk by birth; asthmatic esthete and husband by dispo Starring Sissy Hankshaw--flawlessly beautiful, almost.

A small-town girl with big-time dreams and a quirk to match--hitchhiking her way into your heart, your hopes, and your sleeping bags...

Actually, all you need to do is read some Thoreau and then visit your local "adult" bookstore. If however, the book begins to bug you and you cant figure out why and yet you cannot put it down......snort.

You know that road trip you've always wanted to take?

He is a creative literary genius and he throws it in your face all throughout this book.

(Maybe you've taken it already and if so, I am jealous of you.) You know that road trip you're always planning, the one where you drive a beat-up, gorgeous, car full of books and old clothes, and mix tapes and takeout containers and random souveneirs of americana, through america, maybe by yourself or maybe with one or a few of the people you love most in the world? I don't hate this book, but I found it to be self-indulgent drivel.

And you take polaroids of yourself and your wear ripped up jeans and drive barefoot and wear big hunter s. I couldn't finish it, and I can't remember the last book I could say that about.

It will stump you for days, and on the fifth day you will realize that TR is just what he appears to be...a gifted and obscenely talented ASS.

The juxtaposition of graphic gross-yam pudding-while-balling with-old-chinese-men-sex and the brilliant and enlightened way in which TR philosophizes is maddening. The basic plot is bullshit...buuuuut read between the lines. Its the only way to "get it." Of course, if you really love goats and metaphors about dirty greek deities and non-stop phallic references and explicit but pseudo-lesbianism, you will not need to preform the aformentioned snorting.

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