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The Sellers Agent is bound by provincial legislation to treat all parties to a transaction honestly and fairly.

Buyers can expect competent service knowing the Sellers Agent is bound by ethics and law to be honest and thorough in representing the property for sale, including disclosure of pertinent information about the property, assurance that nothing about the property will be misrepresented, and honest answers to all questions about the property, to the best knowledge of the Sellers Agent. PROPERTY CONDITION: The Buyer shall accept the Property in an "AS IS" & "WHERE IS" condition, including any/all faults as of the Completion Date.

In the event final approval of the Auction results is NOT received from the Estate Administrator as noted in Clause 1 above, the entire deposit, without interest, shall be returned to the Buyer.

**Transfer of Title and Vacant Possession will take place on December 31, 2017, or such other date as may be mutually agreed by the parties.

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All Buyers upon registering for the Auction are guaranteeing they qualify to purchase and own Saskatchewan Farm Land as per "The Saskatchewan Farm Security Act". AGENT OF SELLER: The Auctioneer, Berlinic Auctions Ltd., Hammond Realty and all Hammond Realty Agents, are acting as an Agent of the Seller only, and NOT as an Agent of the Buyer or as a Limited Dual Agent.Compensation for crop and/or property damage resulting from the construction and/or removal of the Mosaic Infrastructure, if any, shall be paid to the party suffering the damage. NE 9-18-1-W2 YARD SITE: The yard site with house located on this quarter is not included and is in the process of being Sub-Divided out of the quarter.Total acres to be determined upon completion of the Sub-Division. AUCTION RECORDING: No personal recording of any kind whatsoever, including but not limited to Video, Audio, Pictures, Etc., of the Auction is permitted without prior approval of the Auctioneer.Buyers of this quarter agree to accept the property with this Easement in place and to honor all terms contained in the Easement.All financial benefits contained in the Easement will be paid to the Estate of Wanda Tayfel and/or Beneficiaries thereof, regardless of when the payments are due.

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