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My sister started cussing at me, as usual I get hot headed and throw a huge cuss word at her. I thought to my self why the hell am I buying the anything? "Crystal can you please stop this, really hurts my ***"? Growing up, I actually got along with my sister pretty well.

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She's always saying stuff like 'why can't you be like my friend's sister', but to be honest I just act normal most of the time, but when she does those things I start to behave negatively in order to... For trying to sleep with my fiance, for not performing basic family duties in times of crisis, and most importantly... I'm stressed out and I don't need them being *****. I have allot of stories to share, and this is still happening. she constantly feels like she is superior to everyone around her because she got good grades in high school even though she dropped out of college and can't hold a job for more than a week and lives off our parents lies to them and treats everyone like garbage because her life... I was sick yesterday and my parents happened to be out of town so i stayed home by myself watching TV and sleeping all day. since she was born and i tried to take care of her and give her everything which i dint hav since i was a kid and made her join and explore hobbies, find her passion and try to advise her and guide her in d right way. She has bullied me since I got into a grammar school last September. It amazes me that everyone in our family including our extended family not only put up with her crap but excused it... She always points out my flaws and mentally and physically hurts me.I am moderatly hardware savvy with computers, and rescued my old robot twice. Check the output dc voltage of your Power Supply Unit. First thing, I plugged the power supply (only) into a step-down voltage transformer (output 110V), and the i Robot power supply started emitting smoke... Then I purchased a "Universal" i Robot Powersupply (110-240V input) on e Bay from a Singapore Reseller (half price compared to Australia pricing), and it all worked beautifully for almost 2 months.(this one may have been modified, but it bears the embedded i Robot logo in the plastic and all)After 2 months of daily usage it started reporting "Charging Error 5", and the battery pack seemed to die.

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