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Indonesia gadis manis gallery from gadis smu, perawan,gadis remaja, artis film, . Singapore (40) new gadis bali telanjang: Blogs, Photos, Videos and . Ia adalah seorang gadis perawan yang mendapat giliran menghadap ke istana. Tengah terdapat cerita serupa yang menceritakan gadis perawan bernama Shindi. Entertainment news, reviews, events and things to do in Southern . Even though Chase's responses to his dad's questions do not always seem like obvious answers, Chadd interprets them and explains to viewers exactly what his son is trying to say.Chadd says: 'This is a great video for anyone out there who is studying autism.'He continues, explaining the significance of this conversation, saying: 'There are times when the autistic individual to communicate and to have a conversation in their own kind of weird, strange, different way.'During their chat, Chase tells his father that he wants to play with Nerf guns at his friend Jerry's house.

Like any teenager, Chase wants to play at his friend's house.

Because of that, it is best to avoid sarcasm, irony, exaggerations and rhetorical questions.

Some of the ways people with autism communicate if they do not do so verbally include the following: gestures, moving your hand to an object they want, using pictures, looking at an object they want and crying.

But his dad has other plans, and instead Chase brushes up on his multiplication tables and spelling practices.

The father-son interaction highlights how Chase communicates, and Chadd reminds viewers that autistic children, like his son, have their own ways of expressing their feelings.

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