Pisces and leo dating sites

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One time, however, I got a glimpse of that deeper power and strength.My roommate’s boyfriend had been drinking and was getting abusive and violent with her. Pisces calmly and quietly walked over and pinned the man’s arms behind his back and started twisting. Both are water, but what a difference in kind and quality.The elusive quality of this Mutable Sign, Pisces can certainly give that impression when issues of confrontation are at hand.Many Pisces would prefer to evade head-on collisions and leave the head butting for their Aries kinfolk. Here in the Northern Latitudes we are experiencing the shift from winter to spring with some days becoming mild and almost balmy, while other days are wild, stormy, and freezing. Dane Rudhyar says in his book , “Pisces is an era of storms and of wholesale disintegration.” This apt description implies the dilemma of the soul incarnated into this sign. For starters the time of the year that we say is under the influence of Pisces falls generally between February 21st and March 20th.The practices of contemplation can help Pisces: stilling the mind, being quiet, listening to the small inner voice. Once they connect with their core, they can then turn outwards again and help a lot of people.

How would you describe them in three to five words? The future may beckon, but the past is still unraveling.

They, also, often prefer to be in the background rather than center-stage like more fiery types.

But never underestimate the power of a Pisces, for like the element of Water, Pisces can gather a formidable force of watery emotional strength, when necessary, and move through, over, or under any obstacle.

Without fanfare he told him to leave if he knew what was good for him. The key here is how the Pisces individual harnesses the great collective force they are born with which can, at times, overwhelm them like a tidal wave and make them feel lost and afraid. Bodies of water take on the qualities and characteristics of their surroundings, the climate zone, etc. The great mythological stories, which have evolved since ancient Babylonian times, have many versions of the myth of Aphrodite and her little boy, Eros, acting out the art of evasion and shape-shifting that Pisces is known for.

Developing their opposite polarity, Virgo, through some specific skill or technique will help to stabilize and focus their emotional body into a form that can be used in service to others. One version of the story tells of a ghoulish monster, Typhon, who is destroying eveything in sight.

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