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Decided not to have the amnio and just be positive instead, we'd have the baby regardless so what's the point?

Anyway, I had a completely healthy bouncing baby boy. Again, if you are over 35 and are encouraged to get the amnio, reconsider the 2nd trimester triple or quad screening blood work (all 4 of my markers indicated elevated risk), and go straight for the definitive results of the amnio.

I think having half the information was worse than all the information.

If the mother is present, swab her too; if not, don’t worry! Our friendly, expert representatives are ready and happy to help.

To my surprise the doctor called and told me my elevated risk was 5.

After much research and genetic counselling i have decided not to have the amnio done.

If you can’t wait for snail mail, feel free to use a priority mail service to overnight the envelope to us for quicker shipping. Our laboratory is accredited by the AABB (American Association of Blood Banks) and L.

Look at it this way your chances of having a baby with down syndrome is very slim. Because they can check for markers on the baby, and if none are present it can make your risk even lower. Well good luck to you Im sure there is nothing to be scared of!

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